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Alice Zumbé at the International Burlesque Circus The german artist of portraiture Alice Zumbé studied people since her girlhood. In the meantime her interest for powerful women and female public figures was growing. Alice is fascinated from the staged version, searching the special picture to transfer in art. Especially in the last three years she is inspired by the Burlesque-Scene and flanking areas. Alice Zumbé has discovered her passion for the 1920th to 1950th and has began to contact Performer and Models around the world. Live on stage and via her virtual network. The result is stunning portraits/ drawings, which reflects the sensuality of the performers and models.

art exhibition - 26. October 2013 - CLOCKSTOPPER STUDIOS

art exhibition - 6. April 2013 - ALICE ZUMBÉ

art exhibition - 5 January 2013 - BEATRICE PETER

art exhibition - 27 October 2012 - WONDER LIJK

art exhibition - 27.October 2012 - SINISTER SARINA

art exhibition - 26. May 2012 - MAD WORKS

art exhibition -11. February 2012 - CAT SCRATCH

art exhibition - 3.September 2011 - NORDSTADTBRAUT

art exhibition - 9. April 2011 - JAN-HENDRIK VAN DEN BRINK


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